Sperginn® and Miocystinn® Fertile-powerful duo in fight against infertility

The problem of conception is, unfortunately, an increasingly common challenge that couples face today. Infertility is the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting couple to achieve pregnancy in one year. Official figures say that 15% of couples have this problem. It is important to detect as early as possible that there are certain difficulties [...]

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Triple protection from infection over the course of 24h-Imunitinn®MR

Current epidemiological situation and daily stastics about number of people infected with virus COVID-19 have raised awareness when it comes to prevention. Choosing right product that will prevent the occurance of respiratory infections and and alleviate the symptoms if the disease has already developed clinically, is of big importance. An ideal product should contain [...]

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New markets

Innventa Pharm is significantly growing every year which further motivates us to offer inventive pharmaceutical solutions on new markets. We are successfully distributing our products on the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, and starting from April, the complete Innventa portfolio will be available on the market of Northern Macedonia. "I [...]

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Nattokinn® and COVID-19 infection

Clinical studies have proven a connection between COVID-19 infection and increased blood clotting, which results in injury to the wall of blood vessels, favour the formation of the blood clots and the appearance of serious complications of the disease. According to the latest research, almost a third of patients with COVID-19 infection have high [...]

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NITROFINN® – Important additional strenght to Innventa portfolio

NITROFINN® - Important additional strenght to Innventa portfolio After launching of Serapinn forte®, Forticolinn®, Miocytinn®, Laringinn® and Rhinosinn®, Innventa is continuing with fulfillment of ambitious 2018 new products launch plan. On 20th of July 2018 in Serbian pharmacies  is available new product in Innventa urology portfolio - Nitrofinn®. Nitrofinn® is currently the only registered Nitrofurantoin [...]

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Innventa Pharm on FASUS

At the Hyat Regency Hotel, on March 9, 2018, in the organization of BB Soft, XXIX Pharmaceutical Meeting FASUS was held. A large number of pharmacists, health technicians, wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies are gathered. More than 500 exhibitors, participants and visitors had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of pharmacy. At [...]

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Exponential growth-Innventa in HealthCare&Lifescience Review Serbia

In interview for the prestigious international publication, general director of INNventa-pharm, Goran Orlic, discusses the rationale behind establishing his own company that continues to double revenues year on year. He highlighted the company’s fundamental role in providing innovative solutions to Serbian patients, pharmacists and doctors. Pharmaboardroom is the official Internet platform of HealthCare & Lifescience [...]

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Expanding of INNventa otorhinolaryngology portfolio-Laringinn® and Rhinosinn®

In addition to Serapinn product that has been successfully prescribed and used for a year and a half in the treatment of inflammation processes, and Serapinn forte launched in December 2017, Innventa has expanded its Otorhinolaryngology portfolio with two new products Laringinn and Rhinosinn. These two products are sprays for nose and throat used in [...]

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New products from Innventa

Following ambitious new product introduction plan in H1 2018, Innventa have launched on Serbian, Bosnian an Montenegro market: Serapinn® Forte 120.000 SPU Serapinn® Forte 120.000 SPU is the extension of already very well established brand Serapinn, this time in form that due to double concentration of active ingredient (proteolitic enzyme Serrapeptase) presents the product of [...]

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INNventa 2018 FIT TO WIN kick off meeting

Fit to win 2018 Innventa kick-off meeting was held from January 27th to February 3rd in unique atmosphere of Costa Diadema cruiser on Western Mediterranean. The analyse of 2017  great achievements was done and ambitious goals for 2018strengthening are presented. In 2017 sales was 98,5% versus budget and 186,5% versus previous year, while budgeted sales growth [...]

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