Ph.D. Jelena Trišić, marketing manager at Innventa Pharm, graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade in 2012, and has immediately stepped into the challenging and dynamic world of the pharmaceutical industry. Within the corporation where she started, she went through several different sectors, which was of great importance to her because she learned processes and procedures of different functions.

Portfolio development always interested her the most, so from the current point of view, as she says, she was lucky that most of her activities during these 10 years of work were based in this segment. As strong portfolio and high-quality marketing support are necessary factors for success, the path of her development was naturally directed towards the position she holds now.

How would you describe Innventa?

Innventa is a stable, promising and successful pharmaceutical company, which is characterized by a unique Innventa culture and an inventive approach to product selection. The concept of Innventa Pharm’s work is to recognize the needs of patients and our colleagues, healthcare workers. Based on this, by regular monitoring of trends in world pharmaceutical industry and careful product selection, we bring innovative therapeutic options to the market, that enables us to improve people’s health in an effective and safe way.

Innventa records a constant growth in revenue. How much marketing contribute?

Innventa managed to win the trust of the professional public, as well as patients, in a very short period of time. Reaching the patient today is not easy, because the market is saturated with the parallels. That’s why our expert team is constantly searching for new molecules, with innovative active principles and patented formulations. The aim is to “refresh” the market and offer higher quality therapy. This is recognized by doctors, pharmacists and patients, also by our foreign partners, and we work hard to justify that by offering inventive pharma solutions.

Internet is slowly winning television. Based on that, can we conclude that the focus of marketing activities is shifting from traditional to digital marketing?

Easier availability and selection of information make Internet more and more interesting for marketing activities. I would say that the period of the pandemic had an additional effect on people looking for answers to their questions and doubts on the Internet. The advertiser must always be in the place where the consumers attention is. So, we try to follow that trend, creating an adequate balance also respecting the population that still likes to listen radio, watch television or flip through their favorite magazine on the weekend.

What factors are important for success?

It is important to show your individuality and creativity, while remaining a loyal and valuable member of the team. It is also important to set challenging goals, and to experience reaching them, with no excuse to give up. Good momentum and factor of luck is also important, of course, but luck only follows the brave.

What are your plans and goals for the next period?

Plan is to introduce new products on current markets that will additionally enrich our portfolio. In parallel, the opening of several new markets is ongoing, which is always a great challenge for our entire team.