Clinical studies have proven a connection between COVID-19 infection and increased blood clotting, which results in injury to the wall of blood vessels, favour the formation of the blood clots and the appearance of serious complications of the disease.

According to the latest research, almost a third of patients with COVID-19 infection have high values of non-specific blood clotting parameters (D-dimer). Therapy with drugs that reduce blood clotting is considered useful in these patients because it reduces the risk of complications such as heart attack or stroke.

Coronavirus infection and the consequent increased blood clot formation can be successfully and safely treated with natural products – such as the enzyme nattokinase.

Nattokinn® is a dietary supplement which contains fibrinolytic enzyme nattokinase NSK-SD® and folic acid. It has been proven that nattokinase effectively dissolves blood clots, prevent the formation of deposits in the walls of blood vessels and inhibit platelet aggregation, ensuring optimal blood flow in the body.

The effectiveness of Nattokinn® is reflected in the rate of thrombus degradation, reduction of D-dimer values and blood clotting parameters, which is very important for patients in whom blood clots form rapidly (COVID-19 patients) in order to prevent serious complications.

Nattokinn® has a good safety profile and it naturally stimulates dissolving of blood clots,, without side effects (bleeding).