The problem of conception is, unfortunately, an increasingly common challenge that couples face today. Infertility is the inability of a sexually active, non-contracepting couple to achieve pregnancy in one year. Official figures say that 15% of couples have this problem. It is important to detect as early as possible that there are certain difficulties with conception and to react adequately, so that both partners undergo examinations in order to determine what caused this problem. Research shows that men, as well as women, suffer from infertility. Although this problem seems frightening, its causes can be solved with adequate therapy.

One of the most common causes of infertility in women is the presence of insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome. Miocystinn® Fertile is a unique formulation with myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol in a ratio of 3.6: 1, with the addition of folic acid. Inositols play a key role in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome due to their natural function in the body. They have a positive effect on the regulation of insulin resistance, the consequent establishment of hormonal balance, the regulation of the menstrual cycle, the improvement of egg cell quality all in favor of increasing fertility and regulating infertility.

Miocystinn® Fertile is the therapy of choice in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome thanks to its effects that have been proven through numerous clinical studies, but also in practice.

Male infertility is diagnosed through parameters that are monitored on a spermogram, which is a laboratory analysis of semen. When parameters such as semen volume, sperm count, motility and morphology are not satisfactory, it is necessary to start with adequate and proven effective therapy. We recommend Sperginn® Forte i Sperginn® Q10.

These products contain active principles that have been proven to have a positive effect on spermatogenesis, regulate the number and quality of sperm, increase the amount of testosterone produced, and thus contribute to normal fertility and reproduction. The unique compositions of these products and the active components in high concentration make the Sperginn® product line a powerful formulation for strengthening male reproductive health. Consuming the product is comfortable, it is necessary to take only one dose a day. It is recommended to use Sperginn® Forte for 24 days in order to strongly stimulate spermiogenesis, and then it is necessary to take Sperginn® Q10 for the next 3 months, in order to show the full therapeutic effect in increasing sperm production, motility and greater quality.