Goran M Orlić studied at Faculty of Economics in Niš, where he graduated in bachelor studies of economics in the year of  1985. He had 20 years of working experience for pharmaceutical companies when he started his own brand business with few trusted colleagues and friends. Today, we sat down for a retrospective talk on his experience in working in own brand business in years behind us and plans for future as well.    

The company Innventa Pharm was founded in 2011. When did you take over the managment of the company?

In 2015, the company changed its ownership structure and on the behalf of new owners, I started working at position of General Manager which I still hold.

Year after year, Inventa records revenue growth. How much does your previous experience contribute to successful business?

The turning point in Inventa’s business was the year of 2016, when the management made the decision to launch its own brand business by launching its first product in the field of urology in March that year. In the years to come, the careful but intensive introduction of new products in urology, orthopedics/physiatrics, gynecology continues, which lead to the fact that Innventa Pharm has been the fastest growing company on the Serbian pharmaceutical market for several years in a row.

The combination of my pharma business experience, which dates back to 1995, and the young team that surrounds me certainly contributed to the success of Innventa.

In which markets does Innventa operate and do you plan further expansion?

In addition to the Serbian market, Innventa has been present for a long time in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. Since last year, we are successfully operating on the Macedonian market. In year 2022, our urology portfolio was launched in Greece, and by the end of the year we expect the launch of our first product on the Russian market. Entering new markets is a big challenge for Innventa. We are always happy to take such a challenge.

Goran Orlić, General Manager at Innventa pharm


How important is a good choice of managers and associates?

It is very important. But it is equally important to patiently and diligently continue to build individuals and teams to the level that can keep up with the demands of a rapidly growing organization.


It is said that Innventa has a unique organizational culture. What does it mean and how important it is?

We at Innventa believe that the strength of an individual, an organization and even a nation is in culture. That’s why we pay special attention to fostering the unique Innventa organizational culture and consider it a key factor in our success.


On Inventa’s social media pages, you can see comments from patients who have used your products and confirm their effectiveness. Why are Innventa products the best choice?

We appreciate every positive comment. The daily positive feedback we receive from doctors and pharmacists regarding the therapeutic effects of our products is especially valuable to us. Our carefully selected, completely safe products, which high efficiency is proven by numerous studies and scientific literature with the recommendation of a doctors and pharmacists, often represent the right choice in the treatment and prevention of various health problems.


For example, for Nattokinn, there is a large number of studies done abroad?

Nattokinn is a good example. It is about the Nattokinase enzyme, for which there are, if I remember correctly, more than 70 studies that confirm the exceptional effect of this enzyme in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Substance and studies originating from Japan which is one of the most referent countries, regulatory wise.


Are you planning to introduce and promote new products?

Innventa’s new product introduction team is constantly active and always has several new products in various stages of introduction, which contributes to the additional strength of Innventa’s portfolio and secure long-term development of the company.

Innventa Pharm at the 41st FASUS held at Hyyat Regency, Belgrade