Current epidemiological situation and daily stastics about number of people infected with virus COVID-19 have raised awareness when it comes to prevention. Choosing right product that will prevent the occurance of respiratory infections and and alleviate the symptoms if the disease has already developed clinically, is of big importance.

An ideal product should contain active principles of proven efficacy in both prevention and treatment of symptoms of infection, be safe to combine with other drugs and supplements, and be comfortable to use.

Product Imunitinn® MR contains active principles derived from green tea leaf extract (EGCG), beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus and vitamin D in a high dose of 2,000 IU, intended for people with weakened immunity who are at increased risk of viral and bacterial infections, but equally effective as an aid in the treatment of acute infections accompanied by unpleasant and serious symptoms.

Imunitinn® MR has been proven to prevent the onset and development of viral infections, effectively help alleviate existing flu symptoms, protect against re-infections, stimulate the activity of the immune system and speed up recovery after infection.

Imunitinn® MR are three-layer modified-release tablets produced by innovative technology that allows the gradual release of active substances after consumption of the product, providing triple protection from infection over the course of 24h.

By releasing each active component at different times during the day, on one hand we achieve the manifestation of therapeutic effects continuously throughout the day, and on another hand we provide comfort in use because it is enough to take only one tablet a day to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.