IMUNITINN® C + Zn direct is a dietary supplement based on Vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C and zinc contribute to normal functioning of the immune system and protection of cells from the oxidative stress. Vitamin C also contributes to reduction of fatigue and exhaustion.

Vitamin C exerts numerous beneficial effects in our body by its antioxidant action, stimulates the immune system and fights against respiratory infections, protects cells from oxidative stress and accelerates recovery after infection. It contributes to regeneration and healing of wounds as well as normal capillary function. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron at the intestinal level, forming and maintenance of collagen in the target tissues and eliminates fatigue and exhaustion by its effect on the nervous system.

Zinc is a mineral which is very important for proper growth and development of the body contributing to generation and maturing of new cells because of which it plays an important role in wound healing as well as significant role in bone formation. Zinc is used in the prevention of colds, flu and chronic respiratory infections where it has been proven to stimulate the immune system, protect cells from free radicals and speeds up recovery after infection.

By their synergistic effect, Vitamin C and zinc prevent infections, speed up the recovery and protect the body from new infections.

What does IMUNITINN® C + Zn direct contain?

Active ingredients1 sachet (1.3 g)
daily dose
L- ascorbic acid266.66 mg
Calcium-L-ascorbate87.50 mg
Sodium-L-ascorbate79.50 mg
out of which vitamin C300 mg375%
Zinc oxide12.50 mg
out of which zinc10.00 mg100%

*NRV – nutrient reference value

Other ingredients: sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K, bulking agent: sorbitol; flavour.

Method of use:

Adults: Dissolve one sachet a day directly in the mouth, without adding any liquid.


15 sachets

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