The first genuine articular cartillage regenerator

FORTINN® is the first product in Serbia which contains specific bioactive collagen peptides. Collagen peptides are used in modern treatment of osteoarthritis and result in noticeable improvement of the joint health.


What makes FORTINN® so unique?

FORTINN® (Fortigel™) represents the mixture of bioactive collagen peptides which are obtained from hydrolyzed collagen. Short-chain proteins (of strictly determined length) are obtained with the special enzymatic process of further hydrolysis.

The latest researches show that depending on the size of molecule and length of the chain, collagen peptides exhibit huge difference in action and efficiency to stimulation of cartilage cells and synthesis of new cartilage. Compared to all products which contain hydrolyzed collagen type II, FORTINN® represents unique, completely different mixture of fragments of specific collagen peptides and amino acids which are the only ones scientifically proven to stimulate new cartilage synthesis.

  • Proven regeneration of the articular cartilage
  • Enables the increase of joint mobility

  • Relieves pain and reduces the need for analgesics

  • Relieves joint pain caused by obesity

  • Keeps the articular cartilage healthy in athletes and people engaged in sports on a recreational basis

  • Improves the quality of life

  • Simple use

  • Excellent tolerability

  • No adverse effects

Who is FORTINN® intended for?

People with pain in the joints, degeneration of cartilage, with difficulties in joint mobility, suffering from obesity, who want to preserve the function of their joints, athletes and those engaged in recreational sports. It is used as a prophylaxis in order to slow down and reduce the development of the degenerative changes which occur during the aging process.


How does FORTINN® work?

After administration of 1 sachet of FORTINN®, a small part of the substance is absorbed unchanged in intestines and directly transported to the cartilage cells. These fragments of collagen peptides directly stimulate the cartilage cells to synthetize collagen and proteoglycans (structural elements of cartilage). The largest part of the substance is broken down to amino acids that serve as building elements in the synthesis, thereby regenerating articular cartilage.

I. Development and course of changes in articular cartilage (0A)

II. Synthesis of bioactive collagen peptides

Synthesis of bioactive collagen peptides

III. Absorption of bioactive collagen peptides and mechanism of action to chondrocytes

Absorption of bioactive collagen peptides and mechanism of action to chondrocytes

IV. EFFICIENCY: Increase of synthesis of cartilaginous tissue

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What is FORTINN® composed of?

5g of specific bioactive collagen peptides of bovine origin and 0.12 g of acerola (natural source of vitamin C) – out of that 30 mg is vitamin C. Vitamin C improves the utilization of collagen peptides in the body, thanks to which we get collagen of solid structure.

How to take FORTINN®?

One sachet a day dissolved in a glass of water or juice.

How long to take FORTINN®?

Studies show that supplementation should be maintained minimum 3 months in continuity in order to notice the improvements of condition, the best therapeutic results are achieved by continuous use. The duration of therapy is individual and depends on the degree of degenerative changes on articular cartilage.


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