UROLITINN® is obtained by the unique extraction of active principles through the process of hydrodestilation of 8 medicinal plants acting in synergy.



  • Provably efficient in prevention and treatment of urolithiasis
  • Stimulates the diuresis and facilitates the removal of salt crystals and stone from the urinary tract
  • Controls pain and eliminates spasm from the urinary tract
  • Prevents the recurrent creation of calculi after removal from the urinary tract, regardless of their origin
  • Leads to general improvement of condition in dysuria, polyuria, nocturia, difficult urination, poor urination pressure and urinary incontinence.

According to the European Medical Association EMA, the active principles found in UROLITINN® are used for the increase of the excreted urine quantity in order to achieve the rinsing effect of urinary tract in kidney stone, cystitis, dysuria as well as for relieving of the urinary tract spasm.

Traditional herbal complex for treatment and prevention of urolithiasis with the 90-year experience of its usage

• Urolithiasis and excessive creation of salt in the kidneys (oxalates, urates, phosphates, carbonates)

• Prevention of recurrent creation of the stone after removal from the urinary tract, regardless of its origin

• Spasm of urinary and biliary tract, controls pain and eliminates spasm reducing the feeling of restlessness

• Urinary tract infections: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis

General improvement of condition in dysuria, polyuria, nocturia, difficult urinating, poor urinary pressure and urinary incontinence

Synergistic effect of a unique bioactive complex:


It controls pain and eliminates spasm within 20 to 30 minutes


It prevents the development of the pathogens


It promotes diuresis and eliminates salt crystals from the urinary tract


It prevents and fights urinary tract inflammation


Dissolve 30 ml (two spoons) each in half a glass of water twice a day and drink, minimum 15 minutes before a meal.


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