LARINGINN® is a product developed on the base of oils and contains the natural oils that cover oral cavity and pharyngeal mucosa. This helps to keep the mucous membrane moist and elastic, reduces discomfort and pain, reduces scratching sensation in the throat and friction, thus making swallowing of food pieces easier.

LARINGINN® is used to diminish irritation of oral cavity and pharyngeal mucosa after various manipulations have been performed or in case of inflammation.


Herbal composition

How to use Laringinn®?

Shake the bottle.

Take the bottle in your hand with the dispenser nozzle facing your direction.

Turn the dispenser nozzle 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

 Place the nozzle at the mouth cavity as indicated in the figure.

5. For the first time spray Laringinn® in the mouth cavity by pressing the dispenser cup 2‑3 times. Keep the bottle upright. Approximately 200 mg of the product are sprayed by pressing the dispenser cup one time.

6. After use, clean the dispenser nozzle with tissue paper and turn the nozzle back to the starting position.

The product is intended for use by a single user.

The product should be used 3 times a day. It is not recommended to apply the product during having a meal or while drinking to ensure prolonged covering effect.


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