INSTYLAN is a medical device which contains sterile solution with hyaluronic acid intended for the irrigation of urinary bladder. Direct injection of hyaluronic acid into the bladder restores the protective layer of the bladder wall and prevents new damages. This is the way to regulate the infections and inflammations in the bladder in the whole urinary tract.


  • Hyaluronic acid creates the highly elastic membrane on the surface of urinary bladder mucosa

  • Bladder mucosa is protected from negative effects of toxins from urine, bacteria, mechanical injuries and radiation

  • Accelerated regeneration of damaged urothelium, reduced irritation and reduced feeling of pain

  • Unique formulation

  • Safe administration, without adverse effects

What does INSTYLAN contain??

Sterilni rastvor za intravezikalnu irigaciju50 ml
Natrijum-hijaluronat80 mg
Fosfatni puferph=7,3

Excipients: Water for Injection, NaCl

Hyaluronic acid is a basic structural component of the bladder wall that has a protective role. Disruption of the structure and function of the protective barrier allows the penetration of toxic components and pathogenic bacteria from the urine into the deeper layers of the bladder wall, thus easily causing infection and inflammation.

How does INSTYLAN act?

When injected into the bladder cavity, highly elastic film is created on the surface of the mucous membrane which provides for:

  • Protection of the bladder from the external influences during different procedures

  • Protection of the bladder from the harmful influence of the urine content

  • Protection of the sensitive mucosa layer from mechanical injuries

  • Prevention of development of inflammatory reactions

  • Restoration of the mucous layer after damage (e.g. radiation)

In which conditions is the administration recommended?

  • Chronic/recurrent cystitis

  • Interstitial cystitis

  • Hyperactive urinary bladder

  • After certain diagnostic and surgical procedures: ureteroscopy, cytoscopy, transurethral resection, adenoma etc.

  • After radiation therapy for treatment of cancer

  • Appearance of toxic substances in the urine

Method of administration

  • INSTYLAN je namenjen za intravezikalnu upotrebu jednom nedeljno.
  • Treatment cycle includes 4-12 doses.
  • Before use, the solution temperature must be minimum 20°C.
  • Patient must empty the bladder before use.
  • INSTYLAN is administered in the urinary bladder cavity via catheter; one dose is administered in duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


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