with the warming effect contains high concentration of active components: hot pepper extract (Capsicum annum L.), ginger extract (Zingiber officinale), arnica extract (Arnica montana L.), camphor, panthenol and vitamin B complex (B1, B5, B6).

How does work?

How does work?

It produces a pleasant feeling of warmth at the site of application, promotes blood circulation and contributes to gradual reduction of pain, stiffness and tension in rheumatic diseases and other chronic illnesses.

Applying the gel before the intensive physical activity on the joint and muscles that will undergo increased load, reduces the possibility of inflammation, strains and other injuries.

Gel contains active components with a soothing effect on skin, stimulating skin regeneration and mantaining hydration.

Why  ?

  • Efficiently relieves chronic muscle and joint pain

  • Alleviates the symptoms of stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders

  • Improves blood flow and creates a pleasant feeling of warmth at the application site

  • Prevents strains of muscles, tendons and ligaments during sports activities

  • Easily absorbed and simply applied

  • Safe long-term administration

In which conditions is the use of recommended?

  • Weakened peripheral circulation

  • Chronic rheumatic conditions accompanied with pain and stiffness

  • Pain and stiffness of neck, shoulders, back and legs

  • Prevention of sports injuries

What does contain?

Active ingredients
Hot pepper extract (Capsicum annum L.)
Ginger extract (Zingiber officinale)
Arnica extract (Arnica montana L.)
Thiamine (vitamin B1)
Panthenol (vitamin B5)
Pyrodoxine (vitamin B6)
Thermoreceptor activator

Method of use:

Apply a small amount of gel to the desired region. Gently rub the gel into the skin in a circular motion. The procedure can be repeated several times during the day and as needed.


The use of the gel is not recommended for people who are hypersensitive to any ingredient in the product. Do not use the product in areas with varicose veins.




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