FORTICOLINN® contains specific bioactive collagen peptides and calcium lactate, optimized for the treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Peptides are derived from a specific, highly controlled process of type I collagen hydrolysis.



  • Innovation in osteoporosis prevention

  • Proven to increase the bone density

  • Stimualtes the formation of organic and inorganic matrix

  • Reduces the number of fractures

  • Safe

  • Comfortable to use

Who is FORTICOLINN® intended for?

FORTICOLINN® is recommended:

  • to menopausal women
  • as a supplement therapy of osteoporosis
  • to persons with osteopenia
  • to persons who want to preserve the function of their joints.

What does FORTICOLINN® contain?

Active ingredients1 sachet (6.16 g)
daily dose
FORTIBONE® - bioactive collagen peptides5,00 g-
out of that calcium
1,14 g
200 mg

*RDA – recommended daily allowance

Synthesis of bioactive collagen peptides


Specific collagen peptides type I stimulate the bone cells in order to increase the synthesis of bone components such as collagen type I. They have a kind of ’signalling effect’ to osteoblasts to balance collagen degradation in the extracellular bone matrix, which is an essential framework for bone mineralization. Besides, FORTICOLINN® affects degenerative processes in bones, reducing the osteoclasts activity. The result is significantly greater synthesis of bone collagen matrix.

Another active ingredient of the product FORTICOLINN® is calcium, which is necessary for maintaining the normal bones and normal muscle function. Calcium in the form of lactate salt is about 450 times better utilized in the body than calcium-carbonate which is usually found as a component of the similar products.

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the human body. Together with phosphorus and magnesium, it makes the basic component of the bones. Only about 0.1 % is circulated in the blood. In addition to its structural role, its function is also to maintain heart operation, in the process of blood coagulation, in blood pressure control, it enables muscular contractility, hormone activation, enzymatic reactions, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Composition of bone matrix and role of FORTICOLINN® in its creation


Method of administration::

Mix one sachet of the powder a day with 200 ml of fluid (water or fruit juice).


10 sachets with 6.16 g of powder each


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