bladder infections!

D-MANOZINN® (d-mannose) is a dietary supplement registered in Serbia as foods for special medical purposes containing pure d-mannose, monosaccharides, free from any added substances.

D-mannose has been used globally for more than 30 years as the natural product for elimination of E. coli from the urinary tract. The greatest number of patients was more than pleased with the use of d-mannose without any side effects, which is the main argument in favour of d-mannose.

The package of D-MANOZINN® contains 54 g of powder dosed with a spoon provided in a pack. Levelled off spoon of D MANOZINN® powder contains 1.8g of d-mannose. A package of D-MANOZINN® contains 30 doses of powder.




D-MANOZINN relives the urinary tract from bacterium E coli. When urine gets saturated with molecules of d-mannose, bacteria bind more easily and faster to d-mannose molecules than to the urinary tract wall. Once the bacteria have bound themselves to D-MANOZINN® molecule, they get expelled from the body via urine.

  • Quick and easy cure of discomfort

  • Well tolerated

  • Simple use

  • Does not cause resistance
  • No side effects

  • Suitable for children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women

  • Suitable for diabetics with control of glycemia

  • First and only product in Serbia which contains d-mannose

How does D-MANOZINN® work?

Urine volume and “good” bacteria normally living in urinary tract most frequently prevent bacterium E. coli from developing.

In cases when urine volume is insufficient – in case of dehydration or when the bladder is pressed or crushed as in the case of pregnancy, urine will be kept for too long giving a chance to bacteria to develop, causing thus the irritation and inflammation.

The bacteria that most commonly leads to inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract infection is the bacterium E. coli. This bacterium has finger-like extensions, fimbriae, at its surface which it uses to bind to the urinary tract wall in humans starting thus the infection.

PHASE 1: Bladder infection is usually caused by the bacterium E. coli that comes from the digestive tract.

PHASE 2: The protective layer covering (protecting) the cell lining of the bladder is made up of molecular structure, which includes a large number of sugar molecules (endogenous d-mannose). The bacterium E. coli (which nevertheless loves sugar) primarily binds to these molecules, after which the inflammation process starts which sets our immune system in motion.

PHASE 3: Administering D-MANOZINN® will enable the presence of greater quantities of d-mannose molecules in urine. D-mannose is extremely poorly metabolized, therefore most of the administered d-mannose is excreted in urine unchanged.

PHASE  4: D-mannose binds to (gets attached to) fimbriae (small extensions) of bacteria which leads to inflammation (90% E. coli). D-mannose thus prevents bacteria from binding to the wall of our urinary tract and enables easy and fast elimination of bacteria (their washing down) into the environment via urine.

So, use D-MANOZINN®, because

Expert Opinion

D-mannose has been used worldwide for more than 30 years as a natural product for elimination of the bacterium E. coli from the urinary tract. The largest number of patients was very pleased with the use of d-mannose. D-mannose has no side effects which is the main argument in favour of d-mannose.

The study demonstrated that d-mannose is equally efficient as antibiotic Nitrofurantoin. *

D-MANOZINN® helps in preventing cystitis

It would be ideal to take D-MANOZINN® before or during certain situations that can represent a typical trigger of cystitis:

  • Prevention of honeymoon cystitis

(1-2 spoons before and after a sexual intercourse)

  • Prevention treatment over a longer period in case of recurrent cystitis.

Preventive use is very well documented. It has been stressed out that there is no need for antibiotics if effective prophylaxis with d-mannose has been undertaken. Patients also primarily insist on not having the need for an antibiotic. There is no interaction with d-mannose in women that use a lot of medicines.

* Kranjcec B. et al .: D-mannose powder for prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections in women: a randomized clinical trial; World J Urol (2014) 32: 79-84D- in this context mannose is as efficient as an antibiotic*.


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