In addition to Serapinn product that has been successfully prescribed and used for a year and a half in the treatment of inflammation processes, and Serapinn forte launched in December 2017, Innventa has expanded its Otorhinolaryngology portfolio with two new products Laringinn and Rhinosinn.

These two products are sprays for nose and throat used in prevention and treatment of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, followed by edema, islet and secretion:


Spray-throat solution contains natural oil  extract of Calendula flowers, Sea buckthorn and Bergamot oil, which lubricate the oral cavity and mucous membrane. Thanks to the active principles of these plants, Laringinn® exhibits a triple effect: antimicrobial-inhibits the growth of pathogens, anelgesic reduces pain and anti-inflammatory-relieves redness and edema. In addition to these essential effects, the Laringinn® solution maintains moisture and elasticity of the mucous membrane, reduces the feeling of scratching, facilitating swallowing, and is also recommended for use after surgical intervention of the throat because it locally reduces irritation and thus facilitates and accelerates recovery.


Isotonic spray nose solution, containing essential oils and tinctures of six different plants whose active principles have proven efficacy through numerous studies. Thanks to the synergy of plants that are part of the product, it is used to treat nasal congestion, it inhibits the growth of pathogens, which prevents rhinitis and respiratory tract infections, and on the other hand stimulates regeneration of already damaged mucous membranes.

Both of these products can be used by kids, Laringinn from the age of 2  and Rhinosinn from the age 3 years old.

By introducing new products into its ORL product range along with all the products already on the market, Innventa continues to support its loyal users in the fight against seasonal, acute and chronic problems, for the sake of a better and healthier life.